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Green Diamond Biologicals & Nutritionals represents a true breakthrough in turf and landscape growth and maintenance. Our proprietary blends of mycorrhizae and nitrogen-fixing bacteria promote healthy root systems and plant durability. Turf and landscape plants grown with Green Diamond’s products need less water and, unlike conventional synthetic treatments and fertilizers, have nearly zero adverse effects on the environment. 

Benefits of Mycorrhizae


  • Promotes more vigorous plant growth and nutrient absorption by increasing the root surface.

  • Helps plants work more efficiently at accessing nutrients and absorbing water.

  • Inoculation results in significant water savings as less irrigation is required.

  • Greatly reduces transplant shock and improves plant establishment rates.

  • Reduces the need for pesticides and fungicides by providing a natural barrier against the entry of damaging pathogens.

 Photo Credit: Adam Lambre

The Economy of Natural
Soil Biology


  • Big Water Savings Over the Long Term

  • Lower Landscape Maintenance Costs

  • Environment-Friendly

  • Zero Nitrates Runoff

  • Better Soil Stability and Plant Durability 


Landscaping as mother nature intended is easy when you have over 400 million years of evolutionary biologicals to do the work no synthetic slow-release product can produce. Reforestation Technology International (RTI), Green Diamond's mother company, has over two decades of successful restoration projects.

Green Diamond is a better, safer, more cost-effective alternative to your current landscape management practices.