MykoStart PRO


Feeder Paks

MykoStart PRO Paks provide a special formulation of mycorrhizae and natural, organic fertilizer in a biodegradable teabag. MykoStart PRO Paks are ideal for the new planting of small specimens including annuals, bulbs, groundcover and shrubs.

Provides a simple nutrient delivery system

Increases plant transplant success

Provides an easy method of application and allows for direct application to the root zone.

Provides a highly cost-effective method of fertilization

per plant

Protects the environment

Available Sizes:

20 gram paks - 250 paks per case


Place the transplant in the planting hole. Drop one MykoStart PRO Pak on each side of the plant, then backfill completely. Only a single application is required for plant establishment. Follow up with the normal fertilizer application schedule.

For New Plantings

For Boxed Specimens

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