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Feeder Paks provide a formulation of 20-10-5 slow release, fertilizer and essential micronutrients in 10-gram biodegradable paks. 


Provides a simple nutrient delivery system

Increases plant transplant success

Provides an easy method of application and allows direct application to the root zone

Highly cost effective method of fertilization per plant

Can be used with all types of landscape plants


Available Sizes:

10 gram paks - 500 paks per case



For New Plantings

1. Place the transplant in the planting hole. Drop one Feeder Pak on each side of the plant.

2. Backfill completely.
3. Water thoroughly.
Follow up with normal fertilizer and watering applications. 

For Established Plants

Feeder Paks can be easily applied with the use of auger holes.  Auger 12″ into the soil at the base of the plant. Place 1 pak per 3″ of caliper (trunk diameter) and evenly space each pak inside the planting hole. Backfill completely.
Follow up with normal fertilizer and watering applications 

For Boxed Specimens