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Landscape Pro 

20-10-5 Feeder Paks

Slow Release Fertilizer Biodegradable Paks

Fertilization at the time of planting with Green Diamond Feeder Paks makes a significant difference in plant establishment & long-term growth rates in landscape plants. Feeder Paks will eliminate transplant shock by providing a supplemental source of plant nutrients that is readily available to seedlings and new transplants. The biodegradable packets and controlled, slow-release fertilizer provide an adequate nutrient supply for up to two years. The greater abundance of resources allows the plant to maximize the development of a strong root system and new foliage.


Benefits from a single application of Landscape PRO Feeder Paks:

  • Decreases the negative effect of transplant shock

  • Increases drought resistance

  • Improves soil structure and composition

  • Improves plant durability

  • Improves tolerance to stressful conditions


Recommended application rates:

For new seedlings/trees: Place the seedling/transplant in the planting hole, drop one Feeder Pak on each side of the plant, then backfill and the job is done. A single application to establish your plant. Follow up with normal fertilizer application after two years.  


For existing trees: Feeder Paks can be easily applied with the use of auger holes.  Auger 12″ into the soil at the base of palms and place 1 pak per 3″ of tree caliper (trunk diameter).


Unit Size:

10 gram paks - 500 paks / case