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What is Mycorrhizae?

Mycorrhizae is a symbiotic relationship where beneficial soil fungi colonize a plant's root system and create root extensions called hyphae. These hyphae spread to outer soils beyond the reach of the root zone and can access increased moisture and nutrients. They then transport these back to the plant roots in exchange for carbohydrates made by the plant. 

What is MYKOS   PRO?


MYKOS PRO is a pure granular form of mycorrhizal inoculants manufactured by Green Diamond. MYKOS PRO is used in various product formulations that provide biological and nutritional components for plants. These blends are carefully formulated for use in landscape management,  restoration projects, nurseries, golf course greens, and turf & lawn applications.  
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What benefits can MYKOS PRO deliver to your plants?

MYKOS PRO is used in different product formulations that focus on improving soil health and efficiency. MYKOS PRO reinforces mycorrhizal populations that provide significant biological benefits, help conserve natural resources, and create an environmental balance between soil, plants and the environment. Benefits of MYKOS PRO include:
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