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Teabag Technologies

Landscape Pro Paks provide a simple plant delivery system and offer various product blends formulated for specific plant needs. The paks (packets) are made with biodegradable paper that offers a facilitated delivery system and which can be applied directly to the root zone. Landscape Pro Paks are designed to be dropped into the planting hole next to the transplant or seedling and provide an adequate supply of resources while the plant develops new roots and becomes established. Landscape Pro Paks provide a nutrient delivery method that is easy and safe for the environment.

Landscape PRO

Landscape PRO is manufactured by Green Diamond and offers various product formulations that provide biological and nutritional components for plants in biodegradable paks. Landscape PRO brings specialty products with organic/controlled-release fertilizer blends and some in combination with MYKOS, a pure granular form of mycorrhizal inoculant. These blends are carefully formulated for use in landscape management, urban restoration projects, and nursery applications.  

What benefits can Landscape PRO Paks deliver to your plants?

Landscape PRO provides formulations that focus on improving soil health and efficiency. Many of the products combine important macro- and micro-nutrients that provide an initial food source for plants and mycorrhizae to optimize the uptake of soil nutrients and water. When used in combination, they help produce stronger and healthier plants. These products offer significant biological benefits, help conserve natural resources, and create environmental balance between soil, plants and the environment.
Benefits of Landscape PRO Paks include:
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