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Mykos® Pro Backfill 6-2-2

Mycorrhizae Blended with Organic Fertilizer

Mykos PRO Backfill is a special mix of mycorrhizal fungi for boxed trees and large specimens. This formulation is blended with bio-stimulants, kelp meal, and humic acid, to reduce transplant shock and promote the rapid emergence of new roots.

Mycorrhizal fungi colonize new roots and increase the root surface area. They help the plant by creating an extended network of filaments called hyphae that increase the plant’s water and nutrient absorption capabilities. The retrieval of water and nutrients can increase plant establishment success rates.


Benefits of Mykos PRO Backfill:

  • Minimizes transplant shock

  • Promotes root growth

  • Increases drought resistance

  • Improves soil composition

Recommended application rates:

- 1 gallon: 1/2 cup (use with small bare roots)

- 5 gallons: 1 cup (use with balled-and-burlapped (B&B) up to 12 inches)

- 15 gallons: 3 cups per fifteen gallons (use with B&B up to 16 inches)

- Linear foot of container size: 1 cup (use with boxed specimens and B&B plants up to 36 inches)


 Mix evenly into the backfill around the planting hole.

Arbuscular Mycorrhizal Fungi

Rhizophagus Intraradices - 111 propagules per gram


Unit Size:

20 lb bag