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Palm Paks provide a formulation of mycorrhizae and 7-2-4 natural, organic fertilizer in a biodegradable pak. Palm Paks are ideal for newly planted palm trees and for established trees in stressful, urban environments.


Provides nutrients that target common palm tree nutrient deficiencies
Provides a simple nutrient delivery system and easy application method
Improves palm tree tolerance to stressful environments
Increases palm tree transplant success


Available Sizes:

100 gram paks - 50 paks per case



For New Palm Plantings

Place the transplant in the planting hole. Drop one Palm Pak on each side of the plant, then backfill completely. Only a single application is required for plant establishment. Follow up with the normal fertilizer application schedule (dependent on palm size).  

For Established Palms

Palm Paks can be easily applied with the use of auger holes.  Auger 12″ into the soil at the base of palms and place 1 pak per 3″ of tree caliper (trunk diameter) and backfill. 

Recommended Application Rates