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Sustainable Landscaping

The Bay Area is one of the most environmentally conscious regions in the United States. More and more residential home owners, as well as commercial properties are looking to reduce their ecological footprint as a way to promote sustainability, conserve resources, and save money.

A sustainable landscape is designed to be attractive and in balance with the local climate and environment and requires minimal resource inputs, part of the concept is to reduce waste and prevent air, water and soil pollution. It eliminates the excessive use of fossil fuels or water in the landscape while promoting a diverse and rich community of plants. Sustainable landscaping is so important because it requires the use of native plants or locally adapted non-invasive plants, and makes use of local rainfall and runoff, most importantly it considers the need for providing habitat for native animal life.

Green Diamond Biologicals & Nutritionals represents a true breakthrough in landscape growth and maintenance. Working with technology and products developed to enhance sustainable practices and produce healthy plant growth are the foundation of Green Diamond’s product line. Our products consist of organic nutrients that do not pollute, and biological organisms that improve soil health, benefiting plants and their surrounding environment.

Sustainable landscapes celebrate the locality of place through locally sourced hard elements and locally grown and obtained plant species. Currently Green Diamond’s Mykos Pro 30 is being used in the greenest NFL stadium in the country with a 27,000 square foot “Green Roof”. The stadium is leading the way for sustainability and we are hoping many others will follow.

Photo Credit: Adam Lambre

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